Thursday, February 18, 2010


sometimes, i think that guy too difficult to understand them..why?

sometimes, we can share our problem that related on our secret with them...why?

is that they are matured than lady?


  1. in my opinion, not only guy is difficult to understand. every people have different character and behavior whether guy or girl. some of them easy to understand and some of them are, we must identify them deeply if u want to understand who are they.

    yes, absolutely u can share ur problem with guy. it is because, we are created guy and girl in this world. we are more likely to know each other. and sometimes, we can share our opinion about guy and girl although in a different angel. and i like to share with u this word :

    "dalam hadis dinyatakan perempuan itu dibuat dari tulang rusuk. Bukan bahan asasnya dari tulang rusuk tetapi mempunyai sifat seperti itu.

    "Peliharalah perempuan dengan cara yang baik. Sesungguhnya perempuan diciptakan dengan (sifat seperti tulang rusuk yang bengkok) dari antara tulang rusuk ialah yang paling atas. Bila kamu cuba-cuba meluruskannya, boleh memecahkannya dan bila dibiarkan akan tetap bengkok. Kerananya peliharalah perempuan dengan baik"."

    that all from me ..

  2. anam, thank you for your opinion and advise.

    that's great what you said this post...

    guy for lady and lady for girl...
    so, we can share each other and know more deeply about lady and guy...