Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two Field in Permata Insan

Nilai-Menjana Cendikawan Islam is the motto Permata Insan Program sponsored by the Datuk Paduka Rosmah Mansor on March 13 at the Center Lecture Hall 3, Islamic Science University Malaysia (USIM).
This program is targeting primary school students are able to use the latest technology facilities in accordance with the development of this country now.
In addition, the program Permata Insan is a starting point makes a student who not only know and learn astronomy, sience and technology, literature and social science, but they also will know and learn those interested in religion and aims to deepen understanding of religion .
"This program is also spiritual and physical sense to train people not only in the Hokum syara 'even science and technology, management and social," said Assoc. Datuk Muhammad Muda, Vice Chancellor USIM.
Meanwhile, the two fields of knowledge cannot be separated from the country and prominent Islamic figures, such as Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Sina and al-Khawarizmi.
This program expects students involved can contribute donations to the National and Islamic clergy and scholars modeled before.


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