Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Do you want to know who my friend here is? The person is X. when I have a problem, I will share with X and instead. I know that X more courageous than me. X always gives me some advice even though X does not have a special boyfriend yet. X knows and felts what I felt it that time. If I cannot save the problem, I will become silently, moody and do not want to communicate with others because I can communicate properly that time. I cannot stand up with my problem or secret. It is because the problem or secret I cannot face it alone. I must tell X and share with X. I totally agree with sharing secret or problem is the best way to make us stand up again.


  1. sharing is caring and we in this world need each others and will help our frend when she/he in the problem. That's we call it truly frend.

  2. yes, absolutely anam...

    sometimes we had mistaken in evaluate our friend..right???

    so, how to know the true friend mr. anam n mr amal?