Sunday, February 14, 2010


all people in this world have their opinion about SECRET...
some people will not share their secret until the secret eats them...but, i can't do that, because if i keep secret that secret, i will be confused and will not very happy like, if i want to be happy, i must tell or share that secret to my friend...some opinion said that make yourself go down because you tell your disadvantages...
so, what about your opinion?


  1. yes .. if u have problem or secret in your self n u can't prevent it by yourself .. i think, better u share with your friend n u will be satisfied after u tell it with others. but, there are some thing that we can't share it with others if the secret will put down ur dignity.

  2. yes...that's true and exactly my friend...

    some secret we can share it but some secret cannot..

    but, you can buy me a cheese cake from secret recipe...okay...

  3. hahaha .. secret recipe .. u told me before, that u want buy me some cake right .. i waiting filzah ..

  4. oh yea?

    are you sure?

    i don't think so, anam...

    can u remember me about that?