Saturday, May 29, 2010


why i wrote EMPTY? i think it's quite related with my thesis... although i have references to do my thesis, i don't do and write something anymore... i can't to like this if i want my thesis completed before the submission date... i must rush to find more references and read and understand what they wrote on the articles... i can't silent and doing nothing this holiday... i must do it even though it it little bit... i hope i can find other references and i do it now... pray for me all my friends..and we pray together ya...
all the best k... love u all...


  1. be strong my fren..we are always behind u.. u can do it...ur fren love u.. if u want to know about something, ask ur fren and they will help u...coz they want u become success in ur life...they always pray 4 u... remember this, "follow what ur heart said and u will get ur own happiness"... aja-aja fighting!!!!

  2. thank you "your heart" for advising me.. i hope ur talk too valuable and i appreciate it...thank you very much...:)